Friday, August 1, 2008

Honey Eggnog

I've always been a fan of eggnog, though growing up, my 'nog was usually to be found coming out of a carton, and being mixed with 2% milk to make it less viscous. But, there's nothing to beat a true 'nog. The Pooh Cook Book's recipe was the first I used to try "the real thing."
Honey Eggnog

(Yield: 1 serving)

1 egg, white and yolk separated
Pinch salt
2 Tablespoons honey
2/3 cup milk
Food coloring or fruit syrup

Beat the egg white and add the salt as the white begins to froth. Beat until stiff. Set aside.

Beat the honey and the yolk of the egg together until blended.

Heat 2/3 cup milk until very hot but not boiling.

Add a little of the hot milk to the honey-egg yolk mixture and beat.

Add the rest of the hot milk gradually, beating all the time.

Fold in the egg white.

You may add some food coloring to the honey or some fruit syrup, raspberry, strawberry, or other flavors.

"It's a comforting sort of thing to have," said Christopher Robin...
-- The House at Pooh Corner

It is a comforting sort of thing to have. I recommend that, for a more "grown up" version, you add brandy or rum instead of food coloring or fruit syrup. Also, a sprinkle of nutmeg wouldn't be a bad thing.

I like that this simple recipe teaches great techniques -- salt in the whites, tempering the yolks, not boiling the milk... all good things that carry over to a host of other recipes.

And, hey, if you've got The Pooh Cook Book in the house, odds are you have eggs, milk, and honey at the ready -- why not make a cup of honey eggnog?

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