Saturday, August 2, 2008

Cooking the Books: Popovers for Piglet

This is what happens when popovers don't pop over. Epic failure.

I'm at a loss. This recipe has never failed me. Ever. My chefly husband tried to console me with a well-meant, "Popovers are notoriously difficult!" Yes, well, this recipe has never, ever failed.

Lessons learned: I may well have figured out how to bake in my tiny tiny half-sized oven, but the tricks needed can't be used on popovers. Anything that requires me to not open the door for 25 minutes is just going to bomb.


I was really looking forward to the popovers. Not only for beautiful blog fodder and a great wrap up to The Pooh Cook Book, but because I was craving them. For breakfast.


Trust me: it does work, this recipe. But you need enough room in the oven for good air circulation. And it wouldn't hurt to have a window on your oven door.

Chefly Husband says that, since the only leavening agent is the eggs, the oven must have been too cold. Since the bottoms are burned, I'm thinking that, in theory, the oven temp was just fine...until the pans went in and blocked all circulation. So, hot on the bottom, cold on the top, not good for popovers.

When I try it again -- and I will -- I'll either cook 'em one pan at a time, or try stacking them... it is entirely possible, however, that my oven is not meant for popovers.


  1. You do happen to have a neighbor with a full-size oven. Given enough planning time to make sure the apartment is fit to be seen, I'd be happy to let you use my oven.

  2. Oh, honey, you've seen my apartment at its worst; fear not.

    And, yeah, maybe the next time you're needing a little pampering, I'll make you some popovers in your very own oven.

  3. Strangely enough just last night we were discussing making popovers today. We've used a recipe that's proven pretty consistent over the past few times ... we'll have to swap recipes sometime.

    On this topic, have you dined at Normandie Farm in Potomac -- home of They do a very nice Sunday brunch.

  4. Do you know, I've been in DC for half my life now, but never gone to Normandie Farm? Must remedy that...

    I'd love to see your popover recipe! Mmm, popovers.