Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Don't Think It Means What They Think It Means: Home-For-Lunch Quickie

The editors of Good Housekeeping's Quick 'n' Easy Cook Book seem to rather miss the point of a home-for-lunch quickie in this recipe:
Home-for-Lunch Quickie

1 can condensed cream-of-celery soup, undiluted
8 eggs
1/4 teasp. pepper
2 tablesp. butter or margarine

Empty soup into bowl; stir well. Add eggs and pepper; beat just enough to blend. In saucepan, melt butter; pour in egg mixture. Cook over low heat, stirring occasionally with fork, until set but still moist. If desired, serve with crisp bacon slices.

Makes 6 servings


At lunch time, a "quickie" had better be referring to some speedy nookie, not ... whatever the hell this is. A ... cream of celery custard? If it were baked, I could try and wrap my head around it as a souffle of some sort, but...

Why are we having a 6 serving dish at a lunchtime quickie? How many folks are coming home for this quickie? And, why are we beating eggs into undiluted celery soup and then thinking anyone will eat it?

I swear, this might just have to become a Cook The Books recipe, just to see how beyond creepy it really is. This recipe is the antithesis of hot sex during the lunch hour.

The teasing mention of bacon isn't enough, even, to make this work for me.


  1. I just had a terrible thought. Oh, it's almost too awful. Do you think they meant "Quiche" when they said "Quickie"??? Or even, "quick quiche," like they were being clever, somehow? Of course, I would have to classify this recipe as an Epic Fail in either case...but...food for thought.

  2. It's closer to a quiche than it is to hot naughty nooners, but...

    I can't get past the fact this is cooked on the stovetop.

    I can't stop myself from trying to imagine what color this would be...

  3. Yeah, I really think the name is intended as a sort of pun on quiche. Not a full-on pun, mind you, as I think they're just going with the phonetic spelling of a (presumably common to a 1950's audience) mispronunciation of quiche.

    And really, once the recipe starts a quiche with canned cream of celery soup, cooking it on the stovetop no longer phases me in the slightest.