Friday, July 25, 2008

Bonus Post: Handy Tips, And Biscuits

As we finish the first week of Take One Cookbook..., there's still a host of fun things from The Savannah Cook Book that I want to get in to and share. So...a bonus post!

Lots of cookbooks have handy hints and tips. Conversions. Substitutions. Ms. Colquitt doesn't disappoint -- she has a Potpourri section smack dab in the middle of the book. It wraps up this way:
Did You Know That

The secret of good seasoning is garlic -- but that you will be sorry if you take that too seriously?

That aspic made from the juice of pickled peaches or other fruit is an excellent accompaniment for cold meats? One pint of juice to one tablespoon (or one-half package) of gelatine is the proportion?

That the juice from pickled fruits also makes a delicious spiced French dressing?

That the juice from brandied peaches makes a perfect cocktail sauce for any kind of fruit?

That mushroom sauce turns warmed-over lamb or veal into something to write home about?

That if you put a little salt in the whipped cream which you serve on creamed soups, and add a little cut-up parsley, it will make it additionally attractive?

That a little baking powder in your meringues will keep them from falling?

That brown sugar is better than white for all kinds of punch stock, since it makes a thicker syrup, and that some people go so far as to say you should always use it for strawberry sauce?

That cole slaw is a fine accompaniment for fish, if you have no cucumbers?

That shredded lettuce makes a delightful garnish?

Why, no. I didn't know. I don't think I'd ever even considered taking garlic too seriously. Nor considered putting whipped cream on a cream soup. I've never felt the lack of cucumbers when having fish, nor thought of most shredded lettuce as delightful outside of a drive-through taco. And even most times, not then.

But I know things now, many marvelous things...

Doctor Science asked for the recipe for biscuits I mentioned. There are measurements in dry pints. Heck, it even ties in nicely with the discussion on scarcity, and baking powder from yesterday, too. So, a good close to the week, I think.
What? No Baking Powder?
Biscuits To Eat With Terrapin Stew

1 pint flour
1/2 spoonful lard
1/2 tablespoon sugar
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup milk or water
pinch salt

Dissolve sugar in milk. Sift flour and salt, and rub butter and lard into flour and mix with hands very quickly on kneading board. Roll out very thin, almost like paper, and cut with sharp knife. Bake in moderate oven.
If you make some to go with your Terrapin Stew, do let me know. Until then, it's time to put The Savannah Cook Book back on the shelf.

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